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Our Story

Twilinge is a global online bag retailer that delivers products directly to consumers.Twilinge offers customers the most convenient way to shop a wide range of fashionable Bum bags, Clutch bags, Shoulder bags, Cross Body bags, Mini bags and more at attractive prices

Our Advantage

At twilinge, we believe your shopping experience should be effortless and enjoyable. To ensure this, We are cooperated with dozens of reputable import & export companies, warehousing & logistics companies and after sales service provider from around the world. Better still, we have an elite team, who are truly capable,dedicated, and flexible and demonstrate unparalleled expertise on a daily basis.

We offer multi-lingual customer service, a sound set of internet system and advanced online marketing.

As we consistently unlock new frontiers of overseas markets.

Customers from around the world benefit from our effort by simply making a purchase via our website.

Our Product

twilinge Providing an European and American lens on global trends, we source the best that fashion and gadgets has to offer, as well as bringing you all of your favourite international picks.

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